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The assignment:
Create a direct mail piece to promote an exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver. I chose The Art of Tobias Wong.
The interactive direct mail package (admail) was inspired by the artist’s paraconceptual method and his sense of humour.
The envelope is folded while displaying the “do not fold” stamp to arouse a sense of anxious curiosity and the ‘important and ‘fragile stamps provide additional incentives to open the package.

The envelope contains a golden fortune-teller — a nod to the artist’s gold-coated object series.
• The outer level holds four words that were important in the artist’s work.
•The middle level holds a quote from the artist: “In my dreams I saw a way to survive, and I was full of joy,” which can be read two ways, depending how how the fortune-teller is held open.
• The innermost level holds a composite image of the artist’s portrait embedded within his puzzle mirror.
When the fortune-teller is fully opened, the body of the advertisement is revealed on the reverse, providing information about Tobias Wong and the exhibit.
• The clean, orderly, grid-based design to contrasts with the chaotic entrance to the heart of the admail.
• The colours used are pulled from the Museum’s logo.
• The text is fully justified to emphasize the clean look but wraps around images of the artist’s work for variation and interest.
• Gold ink highlights images of two Wong art objects, the pill and the teacup, to bring unity between the interior and exterior of the direct mail piece.