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The task:

1. Design a visual identity for a creative person/business that encompasses the design parameters
– representational of hand-made, artisan work
– wax seal – inspired (and using the gold/oxblood-red colours)
–  incorporate typewrite typeface
– flexible design to accommodate several titles
–  incorporate a love of

Sabrina needed a logo for herself and her new business in the world of design. As she is a multi-talented and skilled woman, she wanted something that could be used as she explored the possibilities of her business.

The design that I produced for her incorporated all the things she asked for. It pays homage to the old wax seals, and the ornate embellishments add an timeless quality to it. Her love of typewriters is mirrored in the typography of the piece. The strong ocre and oxblood-red colours strengthen the otherwise delicate design.