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The assignment:
Create a newspaper ad for an extreme adventure tour company, introducing a new brand image targeting the 18-35 demographic of urbanites in search of physically challenging and rugged outdoor experiences.

The icon, a telemark skier in active motion, was developed to appeal to the target audience.

The telemarker’s leading ski directs the eye into bold message contained within an arresting trail warning sign.
• The text of the sign is a play on the propaganda poster produced in 1939 [keep calm and carry on] which has made a comeback recently in pop culture and makes the reader feel “in” on a private joke.
• The angle of the sign leads the eye into the spectacular, pristine mountains to which the tour company offers access.

The eye comes to rest on the corporate logo with contact information in the bottom right corner, where its visual weight asymmetrically balances the dominant black sign.

The ad can be adapted for use in the promotion of specific tour packages.