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The assignment:

1. Create a logo for Cumbrian Hills, a housing development company, that conveys key aspects of the coporate image:
• eco-friendly
• community-oriented
• quality-based
2. Design a stationery package consisting of an envelope, a letterhead, and three business cards.

The logo consists of elements that express the core values of the company:
• Shades of earthy green relate both to the idea of ‘hills’ in the company name and the commitment to being eco-friendly.
• The background graphic suggests a sunrise and hope for tomorrow, while also representing the hills of the company name.
• The overall impression is one of sophistication, elegance and quality.

The Cumbrian Hills logo is applied consistently throughout the stationery and in the same size with variation restricted only to placement of contact information, which varies from business card to letterhead to envelope, and

The vertical green line echos the hill used in the logo and serves as the unifying element that contains and organizes information in the design on the three kinds of stationery.

The logo has been reversed on the back of the card to add some interest and variation.