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The assignment:
1. Select a not-for-profit organization and an  issue they address.
2. Carry out the necessary research to determine how best to address the issue.
3. Design an expansive campaign to raise awareness of the issue and to motivate the target audience to take specific action.

The campaign was designed for the Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue (Rmar).
• Tiny organization in Canmore, Alberta.
• A labour of love for it’s very few members.
• They have never advertised.
• The target audience was mothers aged 35-55

Research document available.

The campaign addressed the issue of puppy mills and set out to drastically reduce the demand for them by banning the sale of puppies in pet stores in Alberta.

Since Rmar’s resources were already stretched thin, the campaign was framed within an invitation to join the Albertan League of Pet Defenders, a new, informal subsidiary group that would significantly increase their pool of volunteers and campaigners.
• The specific action took the form of a ‘Walk’ with a purpose. Participants collected 10 signatures each for a petition to ban the sale of puppies from pet stores

For this, a poster, brochure, and a set of lamp post banners were designed. T-shirts were an optional purchase. Cause bracelets were a give-a-way at the event and placed in pet supply stores, animal clinics and grocery stores for an optional donation.

After the event, the campaign would be extended through placement of the logo and message on a variety of pet products (with proceeds to administration costs of the ALPD and to the Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue.

Concept Proposal document available.